stop the lobster

‘Here you are. Enjoy.’ Our eyes shift from the waiter to the dish he has put in front of us. The sashimi blinks at us. But before we fall for its temptation, we finish our conversation. ‘Mmmm, yeah sure, it’s like OMG you know. But, HEY, did you just SEE that as well?!’

Our senses jump from mouth and ear to eye. A sudden movement has caught our attention. Did our sashimi just move or what?

Thorough study of the suspect of our suspicion tells us that we where probably imagining things. The sashimi looks fresh as can be, but alive? This is Amsterdam, not Tokyo or Seoul.

When we get ready to pick up our conversation where we left it, the sashimi once again attracts our attention. This time we catch it in the act. Of moving. The head of the raw lobster sashimi plans to make a run for it. Even though the canal must be at least 20 meters from where we sit, it seems determined to move from the plate to the table to the floor, leaving its tail behind.

It seems that the lobster is quite ambitious. Not only because of the distance to the canal, it also has to deal with our appetite. But Mr. lobster is a stubborn piece of work. He has managed to get rid of the fellow pieces of sashimi on the dish, many of them being his own body (but not soul as it seems) and it looks like he is picking up speed.

Fortunately for the frightened looking table next to us, the waiter arrives. Mr. lobster realizes his plan is doomed to fail and looses his spirit. Things quickly calm down as Mr. lobster’s head is reunited with the rest of his body.

This little episode tells us a couple of things about the restaurant we are as well as about ourselves. The restaurant, Geisha, is all about fresh Japanese and Chinese fusion food and the proof is in the lobster. What it tells about ourselves is that we have moved very far away from the source a lot of our food comes from, namely live animals. A close encounter of the lobster kind is therefore quite an eye opener.

The rest of our meal consists of both a discussion on this subject as well as wonderful dishes like Kobe beef, Pearl of the Sea, Udon noodles and in jasmine smoked duck.

For all who love fresh, modern Japanese-Chinese delicacies in a pleasant contemporary atmosphere with friendly and personal service, this restaurant close to Amsterdam Central Station is the place to be. Gochisōsama!

Restaurant Geisha
Prins Hendrikkade 106 A
1011 AJ Amsterdam
T: (+31) 020 626 2410



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