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front zen retreat the sea ranch @ journeylism.nlWhereas most people head down south, driving up-coast from San Francisco can be rewarding. Not only do you get some quality time with the Golden Gate, after crossing the Bay, you’ll be driving through your own carmercial.

Hills roll over to you, the sea waves at you and the road curves for you. You are California dreaming, sleep driving over that majestic Route 1.

Many miles and more minutes after you left San Francisco, you passed small fishing villages, steep cliffs and flower powered meadows. If you haven’t stopped along the way, time set you back about 3 hours when you slowly turn into the driveway of your home away from home: The Sea Ranch Ocean View Zen Retreat.

back zen retreat the sea ranch @ journeylism.nlYou have arrived at The Sea Ranch, a Californian community christened in 2008 by the New York Times as Utopia by the Sea. A designer’s utopia because of the architectural style developed here in the 1960’s called The Bunking Barns. It is a style that organically unites five elements: wind, water, wood, glass and landscape.

Some bunking barns can be rented and one of these gems is the Sea Ranch Ocean View Zen Retreat. For about $200 you rent yourself three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a fire place, hot tub, huge garden, ocean view and many unforgettable memories.

Coast at The Sea Ranch

Coast at The Sea Ranch

Bunk in this boutique barn and find yourself watching migrating whales while taking a hike over the Sea Ranch’s cliffs. Be covered in stars floating in the hot tub on the deck at night. Or just sit back, relax and let the music of the Pacific take all your worries away.

The Sea Ranch Ocean View Zen Retreat can be rented through AirBnB. Still no AirBnB account and looking for a 20 dollar discount on your first rental, mail us your name and e-mail address using the contact form (click here) and use AirBnB as subject. We’ll mail you an AirBnB invitation in return which you can use to subscribe to AirBnB (for free) and entitles you to a $20 credit.

Chapel at The Sea Ranch

Chapel at The Sea Ranch

The Sea Ranch Ocean View Zen Retreat
Fly Cloud Road
Sea Ranch, CA
W: www.airbnb.com/rooms/230881


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