angels with bagpipes

Stop! You almost passed a mouthful of sensations. A place where Scottish traditions are given an Italian twist. Where Haggis meets pancetta and Highland lamb dates anchovy. Thank God you stopped just in time and entered Angels with Bagpipes.

Despite the small terrace it is not difficult to miss the restaurant. All thanks to the made in China kilt stores and terrifying haggis fridge magnet shops that suffocate what was once Edinburgh’s pride: the Golden Mile. But when you pay attention and look out for the house numbers, you’ll not be deceived and manage to enter 343 High Street. With or without a bag filled with souvenirs.

Once inside, you have a rich choice of places to sit. Upstairs, downstairs, in the front, in the back, in a public or private dining room, outside on the Golden Mile or in the more intimate courtyard. It’s one of the merits of Edinburgh’ Old Town street plan where houses will only reveal their true nature once you’re inside.


Angels with Bagpipes has made quite an entrance in the Edinburgh culinary scene since its opening in 2010. Where the previously hip places like Tigerlily on George Street went for looks, Angels choose character. Character that flirts with your appetite. Character that reveals itself with every course.

The restaurant offers an excellent and affordable Table d’Hote two or three course lunch (£ 13,95/ £ 17,95) and an a la carte dinner menu. Making a reservation for dinner is recommended if you do not want to spend 2 hours looking at the world’s smallest whiskey bottle, William Wallace wigs or Haggis shaped coffee mugs at the store next door…..

Angels with Bagpipes
343 High Street
Royal Mile, Edinburgh

Scotland, United Kingdom
T: +44 (0) 131 220 1111

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