tickling the rockies’ toes

IMG_2027Driving from Edmonton to Hinton slowly introduces you to the beauty of Alberta’s nature. Kilometer by kilometer houses, shops, commercial buildings and oil fields give way to fir trees and trembling aspen. Reflected in the still water of lakes and pools, these trees beckon you to drive along their waving tops. Tops that around the town of Hinton start to tickle the toes of the mighty Rockies.

All the chain stores and restaurants dominate Hinton’s horizon. Wal-Mart, Safeway, Husky, Tim Horton, all the usual suspects are present and their signposts have replaced all aspen and fir along the tarmac. It is quite a different sight from what this place looked like about 100 years ago when a mere 15 kilometer along Yellowhead highway #16 the Entrance homestead was established.


view from grey cabin

Here at the banks of the meandering Athabasca river time seems to haven been moving along with the same pace the water found its way down from the Rockies; sometimes wild, sometimes calm. Standing with your back towards the main house – once the railway station – and facing both river and mountains, you only have to close your eyes to go back to 1914.


teepee accommodation

The tracks have gone since 1927 and the train now makes its way up the Rockies on the other site of the Athabasca. What remained besides the old railway station – which is now both the residence of the owners as well as a B&B – are the majestic views, the wild sunsets and sunrises and of course the river.

In 1999 the Old Entrance opened its doors at this historical location. Only 30 kilometers east of the gates of Jasper National Park, this is a place where you can relax with a view, go horseback riding, catch up on your bird watching, hike, (mountain) bike and try to count the infinite number of stars till the break of dawn.


the grey cabin

The Old Entrance offers multiple types of accommodation of which the teepees are most noticeable. They come with a wood burner and a bed and – as do the cabins- have on onside BBQ to help you enjoy Alberta’s bright summer nights. When you run out of wood, just pick up the ax and start chopping. When you run out of words, just sit still land enjoy the sound and sights of the river at your feet and the wildlife in your ears.

P1010485Old Entrance B ‘n B & Cabins
Mary Luger & Carol Wray
26118 Old Entrance Road
Hinton, Alberta, Canada
T: +1 (780) 865-4760
W: www.oldentrance.ab.ca


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