the sushi whisperer

‘Kaiko’ – he whispered softy. So softly that we could not understand it first time around. ‘Kaiko’

Our Japanese expat friend looked at us like he just shared a piece of forbidden fruit and wondered if we would appreciate its taste. Hell yes we did!

Kaiko was Amsterdam’s first sushibar somewhere in the eighties. Ever since it opened its doors, it has been serving its (mostly Japanese) guests in a tiny, living room like space in a fairly quiet residential part of Amsterdam.

Once you have entered what appears to be a residence, you find yourself in a small room with five tables and a bar surrounding the chef (stools for 6 more guests). The smell of Japan welcomes you, as does the wet towel and some Kirin or Asahi.

Then comes the food. Fish that’s fresh and full of texture, crunchy nori, rice that’s magically lukewarm and rolls that are as crisp as a spring morning in the countryside.

At the end of a more than satisfying dinner, you will be set back less than 100 euro for 2 which is about 1 quarter of the price you would have to pay at Amsterdam’s most prestigious (and expensive and wonderful) Japanese restaurant Yamazato in the Okura hotel, located some 5 chopsticks away…

Jekerstraat 114
1078 MJ Amsterdam
Tel: (+31) 020 662 5641
Open: daily 18:00-22:00



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