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rock it suda south korea architecture overview complex @ journeylism.nlKim Jae Il had a dream. A dream that one day, on the color dotted hills of Jeongseon, music and architecture would melt together in brotherhood. It was a dream which in the hands of Korean architect Moon Hoon was turned into reality. A reality so stunning in shape and color, that you pinch yourself in the arm when you turn your car into Rock it Suda’s parking lot.

rock it suda south korea architecture exterior foilage @ journeylism.nlBefore Rock it Suda became an architectural icon, it was ‘only’ an amateur rock band from Seoul. A band who’s bass player asked Moon Hoon to come up with a design for some weekend homes. Homes in which urban dwellers could liberate themselves from the fuzz of the city. Homes in which weekends would turn into rivers, flowing through time and design with a stunning landscape and the band’s music as a natural backdrop.

rock it suda south korea architecture blue white exterior @ journeylism.nlMoon took to work and a fantasy cluster of pensions, the Korean term for weekend house, was born. Focused on the beauty of the surrounding landscape, six pensions inspired by ‘Spain’, ‘Barbie’, ‘Stealth’, ‘Ferrari’, ‘Cave’ and ‘Tradition’ rocks your system. The ‘Spanish bull’ has a rooftop Jacuzzi, but there is also a pool next to the restaurant/bar with, of course, a stage and instruments.

The first couple of years this was the rhythm of Rock it Suda: during the weekends the band members drove south from Seoul and jammed till they dropped. The place rocked and the dream was alive. But now, celebrating its fifth birthday, Rock it Suda is fading out, like a last note on an empty stage. Most band members stopped coming down every weekend and with them the vibe left.

Today, time and nature have written their own song for Rock it Suda. It is a song about age and reclamation with a sad bass line. This icon of architecture is fading out. The dream is slowly falling to pieces, Rock it Suda is becoming a pretty facade with a crumbling interior.

With the 2018 winter Olympics, art, history, culture and nature, the Jeongseon area has much to offer. It deserves a beautiful and unique place like Rock it Suda.

Let’s hope that what was once, will soon be.

Natural beauty around Rock it Suda

Around Rock it Suda

Rock it Suda
Local Road 424
Molwoondae (near Jeongseon)
South Korea
M: +82 10 8377 9387

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