genie in a wine bottle

enoteca del grottino wine store and bar naples @ journeylism.nlCoincidence can make you stumble into the most wonderful places. A cave filled with bottles for instance….

Those of us who wish for a quiet place to have some lunch and drink some wine after roaming the chaotic streets of buzzing Napoli, may see that wish fulfilled at L’Enoteca del Grottino.

As the name reveals, you enter a cave filled with thousands of bottles of wine, rum, champagne, cognac and lots of fresh (to cool to chilly to freezing) air. But the tranquility of both the cave and the owner makes it a magical and warm place.

A tasteful bottle of local Napoli white wine sets you back some 18 euro’s. Good company in the shape of cheese, smoked goose breast, sausage, bruschetta and bread adds some 20 euro’s to your bill.

With some soft italian music in the background and a few customers coming and going to buy wine and bread, a quick lunch easily turns into a two-hour feast of wine and food.


L’Enoteca del Grottino
Via San Giuseppe de Ruffi 17,
Tel: 081449101




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