new york’s sweetheart

New York 1937. Close your eyes and picture black & white. Kids roam the crowded streets in shorts, summer or winter. At every corner something else is sold. The big depression slowly disappears into the mist of the collective memory. Behind the horizon evil is slowly awakes.

A group of street kids crosses the image. Little hands cupping a few pennies. Evaporating into the steam of Chinatown and materializing in the lower Eastside.

Here they head for Rivington Street. At number 108, Cohen sr. has just opened a small store: Economy Candy. One cent buys you lollypops, a chocolate bar or liquorices.

New York, 2013. The lower Eastside still looks like 1937. Just a little longer since hipsters and money increasingly polish the rough edges of the neighborhood. It makes the lower Eastside shine, but a little less exciting.

A group of schoolchildren turns the corner. They are headed for number 108. Here awaits Jerry Cohen, together with his wife Ilene and their son Mitchell. Inside Economy Candy, amidst the strangest combination of colors and flavors you’ll ever see.

76 years have past, a lifetime changed, but New York’s sweetest store still looks the same.

Economy Candy
108 Rivington St
New York, 10002
T: (212) 254-1531
Hours: Mo-Fr: 9AM-18PM | Sa 10AM-17PM | Su 9AM-18PM