Skylines are like people. New York City is a grand old dame, Tokyo a forty-something guy, battling his midlife crisis by building an enormous tower instead of buying a motorcycle. Shanghai and Johannesburg are energetic teenagers, with promising faces still dotted with pimples. Brasilia a baby dressed in designer clothes and Amsterdam, Rome and Venice almost retired and on the verge of becoming mausoleums, only to be remembered for their thriving pasts.

So where does this leave Kuala Lumpur, the skyscraper dotted capital of Malaysia? A city still looking for cohesion in it’s modern parts. Where high-rises intimidate instead of seduce. Where, contrary to the older parts of the city, in the newer parts appearance outweighs character. It must be the adolescent stage of urbanization. A stage of physical and psychological transition, ultimately leading to a balance state of body and mind.

A balance that can already be found when, in the newer part of town, you walk into Hotel Maya. Here you’ll find yin and yang, bound together by fantastic design, service and vistas.

Hotel Maya offers visitors to Kuala Lumpur 5 star service. Service that reveals itself in wonderful touches as the possibility to choose from a wide selection of pillows, a complimentary 24 hour floor butler or a personal in-room chef service specialized in Japanese and Malaysian cuisine.

The adolescent new city centre of Kuala Lumpur which is dominated by the famous Petronas Towers and the iconic KL Tower can be sucked in from the Sky Lounge at the 13th floor of the Maya. Here you’ll find spectacular views of the city, sipping on your cocktail while being served complimentary petit fours.

Spectacle is what you’ll get at all of the Maya’s rooms. With design on the inside and views of the concrete skyline or KL’s green hills, staying at the Maya is anything but punishment. The spa, awesome interior design, friendly staff and central and easily accessible location all contribute to a wonderful experience.

So if skylines are like people, the best company to check out KL’s face goes by the name of Maya.

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Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur
138, Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur
T: +60 3 2711 8866


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