highlights of honshu

honshu japan favoroute road trip app by journeylism 1honshu japan favoroute road trip app by journeylism 2Travel through the ancient, mystical empire of Japan and discover the island of Honshu from Tokyo to Tono Valley in the north to Hiroshim in the south with this offline Favoroute app written by journeylism.nl.

The app includes day activities, highlights, architecture and design, kaiseki food and temple stays. Written in Dutch this app is a complete guidebook, map and travel itinerary for your three week Honshu Japan road trip by shinkansen train, car and boat.

From the secluded valleys in the north to the snow covered alps to the architecture and art island of Naoshima to the chilling history of the once again vibrant city of Hiroshima. This guide let’s you enjoy food, sumo, fashion, museums, culture and history as well as great accommodations at just one click away.

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