hacienda heaven

When the Mayas first started building their monumental temples and shrines in Copán, they most likely had not foreseen these impressive structures and artifacts would see the day over a thousand years later. But that is exactly what they did and now there is hardly a more beautiful sight than watching the sun rise over this ancient city of wonders.

One of the best places to do so must be Hacienda San Lucas. It is a baby compared to Copán, but being over a 100 years old , the Hacienda has seen much of Honduras’ troubled history.

Sitting in the lush garden of San Lucas with Copán at your feet, you almost hear all the stories this place has to tell. Stories that would perfectly fit with the shimmering candle lights that illuminate the Hacienda at night. Tales the thick adobe walls have to tell, framed in a musical symphony of countless birdsongs coming from the jungle.

Hacienda San Lucas is a magical place. A place where you can relive a day in Copán gently rocking in a hammock. A place where you can spend days and days unwinding, floating on the waves of tranquility. A place where every meal is a surprise being composed of local, authentic Maya dishes & recipes that follow the seasons.

Just a couple of miles from the Guatemalan border, Copán Ruinas and Hacienda San Lucas offer a unique cultural, historic and culinary travel experience. One that will last over a thousand years.

Hacienda San Lucas
Copán Ruinas, Honduras
T: +504 2651-4495
E: info@haciendasanlucas.com
W: www.haciendasanlucas.com



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