drifting away

Following the meandering river ‘De Vecht’ you’ll hit the historic village of Vreeland some 25 kilometers south of Amsterdam. Vreeland is home to less than 2000 people, 500 cows and 250 pigs. They are easily outnumbered by the abundant fish and birdlife in this picturesque hamlet.

Vreeland’s history starts about 7 centuries ago when the nowadays village was officially a city (1265 till 1560). The center still boosts with centuries old buildings.

But enough history. Today Vreeland is still alive and kicking with people living, working, drinking and eating out in the remains of the past. It is a popular spot for tourists on bikes and boats to stop pedaling or sailing, enjoy the scenery, freshen and ‘food up’.

The proximity to Amsterdam makes Vreeland an ideal place to enjoy the tranquility of the country site morning and evening while sucking up the buzz of the city during the day. Less than 30 minutes by car, an hour by bike or a few hours by boat, the village is a beautiful hop-on-hop-off hub to the Dutch capital.

Vreeland has a couple of quality hotels and restaurants, but to really make your stay worthwhile, renting a houseboat is an excellent idea. For people planning to do so and used to stay in boutique or design hotels, all comes together at the water villa of Cor and Lia van den Akker.

The light, two floor water villa with 100 square meter rooftop terrace floats in the river Vecht close to Vreeland. Your usual neighbors from across the street are transformed into a continuously changing birdlife scenery. The place accommodates a maximum of 6 people of which two fit into the jacuzzi. 
In summer your ‘front yard’ is a natural swimming pool, changing into an ice skating ring in winter.

The houseboat features a well equipped kitchen, bathroom, tranquility of living on the water and last but not least the warm hospitality of your next door neighbors and hosts Cor and Lia.

Don’t forget to pack some binoculars before drifting away. Wave after wave, slowly drifting.

Vreeland Watervilla
Nigtevechtseweg 150
3633 XX Vreeland
T: +31 (0)6 33777089
W: www.bnbvreeland.wordpress.com
E: bnbvreeland@gmail.com


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