big time little goat

New food ’n drink concepts pop in the US like poppies in spring. And Chicago must be one of the most fertile cities currently. With West Randolph street in the West Loop as the centre of this development. So it is actually no surprise that when you are heading for one place to eat, you find yourself back at another place to drink.

The area around West Randolph used to be a butcher’s playground. It still is for a part actually, since you’ll find an above number of butchers and meatpacking business on your way to Little Goat. Or Maude, since that was the original goal of the trip to this fast growing Windy City culinary hotspot.

But back to the story of one Little Goat. A Little Goat where they have undressed the all-American diner and gave tradition a new wardrobe. This back to the future approach has resulted in an eye-catching makeover which explains the fact that Maude plans turned into Little Goat reality. Thanks to huge windows and back-to-the-seventies-but-very-contemporary wallpaper.

Staff, as most of the time in the US, is friendly, fast and works furiously. Within minutes after sitting down in one of the beige/olive leather booths, a beer bottle of ‘Bob’s not my Uncle’ white wine is ready to be poured. Not long after, smoked French fries, a delicious hot crab dish with crackers, Asian salad, chicken fingers and smoked pork & toffee caramel milkshake arrive. So good.

The audience at the Little Goat is the same you’ll meet on Chicago’s streets: a wonderful and colorful mix of people. 4 PM is a perfect moment to walk into the diner, start with a bottle of Bob and slowly float towards dinner time.

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Little Goat diner
820 W Randolph Street
Chicago, Il 60607
T: (+1) 312 888 3455

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