an iceland beauty spot

P1120246Depending on the weather and road conditions, it takes you a little less than 2 hours from KEF international airport to enter another world.

A world in which Lord of the Ring like mountains surround you. A world in which you sit on your rocking throne in your wooden palace, looking down at a valley that boils, smokes and reeks of sulfur.



A world in which the heavens turns from pitch black to a fluorescent green at night and dance the Aurora Borealis. A world filled with the sound of a rafting river, painted white by winter’s brush.

This is where you find solitude. This is where you will be reunited with nature.

Two wooden structures make up the Iceland Beauty Spot. One is the main house. It holds three bedrooms, a bathroom, an open kitchen area and a large fireplace. The other building is a smaller, consisting of a double bedroom, laundry area and a sauna.

P1120302P1120256The large, mostly wooded area the buildings (and a family sized hot tub) sits on is reached by a 400 meter long private road that takes you up to a path leading to the houses. With a roaring river at your feet, your own (warm) water wells and no direct neighbors you will find yourself becoming and ingredient in nature’s melting pot shortly after your arrival.

With Reykjavik about an hour and a half away and the Golden Circle awaiting your at the end of your private road, this isn’t just a place to wind down and enjoy the beauty of Iceland’s nature. No, this is a place where all good things come together.



The people, culture, food and sights of Reykjavik. Hot springs like the (in)famous Blue Lagoon. Whales and puffins. Geysir and Gulfoss. Hiking, cross-country skiing, rafting, horse riding and, believe it or not, scuba diving. Over a thousand years of (Viking) history, an active volcano, tectonic plates and glaciers. All these natural and manmade wonders are within a one-Bjork-record radius of your wooden house on the hill.

Aurora Borealis Iceland on journeylism.nlDepending on the season you visit Iceland, the house has one more surprise in store: the Aurora Borealis. Clear skies, an active sun, luck and timing (best chances are between 22:00 and 02:00) are ‘all’ it takes to see the heavens dress up and dance for you.

A truly magical sight in a truly magical place.


Iceland Beauty SpotIceland Beauty Spot
Bláskógabyggð, Iceland

– ask the owner if you can rent his 4×4, especially in winter
– shop on route at i.g. the Bonus along Route 1 (left hand side) between Reykjavik and Mosfellsbær
– buy plenty of firewood at Bauhaus along Route 1 (right hand side) between Reykjavik and Mosfellsbær



The Iceland Beauty Spot can be rented through AirBnB. Still no AirBnB account and looking for a 20 dollar discount on your first rental, mail us your name and e-mail address using the contact form (click here) and use AirBnB as subject. We’ll mail you an AirBnB invitation in return which you can use to subscribe to AirBnB (for free) and entitles you to a $20 credit.



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